The Grand Idea

Since the success of VICMOVE, the Team continues to deliver VICDAO since the VIM community has strongly requested it
VIC is Virtual Influencers Community where everyone has a chance to take part in leading/shifting a Project to their will. In short, we give you the power you deserve.
The LOTUS flower symbolism in many cultures is purity, enlightenment, sanity, and rebirth. This also represents VICDAO’s motto: "Keep a strong will no matter the situation.". DAOs represent an unprecedented change in the basic concept of economic organizations by providing transparency, complete ownership for token holders, and community governance.
VICDAO stacks up all the ideas/suggestions of the people to create a society-driven, translucent, and Defi-focused ecosystem for web 3.0 that returns financial authority to the people so they can increase their crypto assets together.
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